Emergence, by Brian Sassaman
Editiong of 16, released 05/9/22
Sold Out

Written after Bernard Noel, Sassaman's Emergence investigates the body to the edge of the limits, in consideration of both the sensory and corporeal configurations of the body, where is the line drawn between self and other, inside and outside? Paired with abstract photography by M Kitchell exploring the limits of light and filmstock, this self-contained work posits that the edge is never stark. "NIGHT DISENTANGLES WEBS OF LIGHT".

Labyrinth, Volume 1, by M Kitchell
Edition of 20, released 10/29/21
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Lines drawn in the sand describing the shape of the labyrinth. Encounters with the Minotaur at the edge of the world: "Could the void have a threshold?"

M Kitchell continues his investigations of the body and the landscape in this new work, melding a series of photographic tableau with sparse & evocative textual constructions that speak to the enigma of the "debris of echoes," the labyrinth and its presence. Featuring Kitchell's trademark brand of poetics combined with a haunting series of photographs shot at Point Reyes along the northern California coast, Labyrinth, Volume 1 is a not to be missed new work from an ever-changing artist.

Approximately 8x10in stab-bound, card-stock covers with tipped on print. Interiors printed on 89gsm "re-entry red" Astrobright and 120 gsm "flourescent white" Crane & Co stock.

Released as a standalone book (13 copies), with a print (5 copies) or a suite of three prints (2 copies).

The Menial Misery of The Galloping Schizoid, by Emmanuelle X
Edition of 10, released 6/07/21
Sold Out.

Experimental polaroids and a deluge of speech interrogating the gendered & ungendered binary of the human body. The first standalone publication from one of the founding members of The Institude for Erotic Vertigo. Each edition is printed on found vintage paper & comes with an original polaroid reproduced in the book.

The Empty Centre, by David Rushmer
Edition of 25, released 6/07/21
Sold Out.

Ecriture excavating the space of the body (of the book, of the figure) in order to carrry the whispered pronouncement of night. Language and photography by David Rushmer, a significantly overlooked figure engaging directly in the tradition of those following Bataille, Blanchot, Noel; responsible for the groundbreaking late-80s journal, Pen:Umbra. An essential work.

Threshold Meditation, by M Kitchell
Edition of 20, released 2/15/21
Sold Out.

Built around still frames from a video recording of a private performance in the high desert, Kitchell interrogates the idea (as ancient as the gospels) of the movement that is repose. To quote from an end note borrowed from Peter Bebergal, "To define transgression we must think of a threshold, or rather, a movement towards the threshold, towards the limit, where there is no longer interpretation."

Vicious Circle, No Author
Edition of 15, released 10/14/20
Sold Out.

The silence of the sun and the infinite burn of the night. Navigation of fragmented poesis vis a vis abstract photography. "what can we say toward the silence?"

Some Thing, by Amandine Andre
Edition of 45, Released 10/14/20
Sold Out

Translated from the French by Kit Schluter & Lindsay Turner. First printing of 30 copies, second printing of 15. A poetics of the body. "my whole body still full of you into your body when I think my body lying there after your way of having pushed me down and opened me"

Ecorche, by M Kitchell
Edition of 20, released 10/14/19
Sold Out

Moving beyond the space of language and into physical space, Ecorche considers the contorted body, the tension of skin against muscle and bone, all this before a landscape of stone. "In the first case there is either no experience or it remains unconscious."

New editions from Katy Mongeau, Pierre Abidi & Garett Strickland.

Aphonic Space is dedicated to publishing work that pushes a corporeal exploration of the space of the book, concerned more with materiality and the tension of the image than the way language can function on its own. It aims to present books and pamphlets that cannot exist other than as books and pamphlets, with specific attention paid to the photographic image and the totality of the body. In an increasingly digital world, where the text itself is often thrust upon websites rarely read or in mass produced books langouring in distribution centers, we insist that the work itself hits hardest when it can take on the heaviness of a secret. Our small edition sizes reflect not a push towards exclusivity, but rather an insistence that a work find the careful audience it deserves rather than generate excess.

Before solidifying into a project, several chapbooks were informally released by Aphonic Space. These include HOTEL ROOMS (2019) and 2ND PRELUDE TO THE DISAPPEARANCE (2016), both by M Kitchell.

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