Barb was raised in southern California and moved to the Bay Area to attend college when she was seventeen. She earned a Bachelor's Degree in Clinical Psychology at U.C. Berkeley, and a Master's Degree in Clinical Psychology at JFK University in the 1980's.

From a young age, Barb had a strong need to understand why people behave the way they do, and this is at the heart of her writing. About why she loves poetry, Barb says: "Poetry has been the only language I've known that can access the deepest feelings--to unearth them, name them, pick them apart. And I like the sense of community that is created by one stranger relating to a poem created in solitude by another."

Barb recently retired after 22 years as a child abuse investigator. Barb's chapbook, Boxing Without Gloves, came out in November 2014 on Finishing Line Press. Barb is currently working on a new collection, Soul On Fire. She lives in the Bay Area and studies privately with poet Jude Nutter.

With Uncle Gene, Los Angeles -- October 2014

With Uncle Ron, Iowa -- May 2015

With Eve, Malibu -- March 2015