Boxing Without Gloves

Barb's chapbook Boxing Without Gloves was published in 2014 by Finishing Line Press. Order it now from Finishing Line Press.

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"When Laura told me about your book of poetry, I ordered one immediately. It arrived yesterday and as soon as I took it from the envelope, I began to read your powerful words. This little book is a gem. I loved it. I read the whole thing, some of the poems more than once.

It is apparent to me that you have suffered during your life. You have obviously known emotional pain and unbearable sorrow. In reading your eloquent phrases, I began to really admire you rather than feel sorry for you. Your beautiful words are soothing, therapeutic, and...poetic.

I love a good sentence, a carefully constructed thought. I will always keep this little book. I appreciate the fact that you took so much time and effort to get the words just right.

Good luck to you Barb. Good luck with the next poem, the passionate words as yet unwritten, the poems that will flow from your mind.

Thanks again for something beautiful and worthwhile."

Norman Lodes
Dec. 14, 2014

****Norman was the father of Laura Lodes, cover artist for Boxing Without Gloves. He passed away on December 30, 2014. I am so grateful to have received this from him, and for the sixteen days we corresponded.**

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  • A to Z will be published in CALYX Journal Vol 29:1 around March of 2016 to coincide with the journal's 40th anniversary!