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Cinema Nocturna
A DVD review site that focuses on genre DVDs (mostly horror and action) from the entire span of film history.

Another DVD review site that (once again) focuses on genre related DVDs, but also includes reviews of pornographic (hardcore and softcore) flicks from both the golden age and the current age of cinema.

Eiga Go Go! (French)
A French language site that focuses on Japanese film, and mostly genre film at that. Contains many reviews of older and contemporary pinku films as well as many key films from the Japanese New Wave/ATG movement.

Fright Site: Cutting Edge Reviews
Reviews written by Adam Groves that, while not necessarily sticking within a single area of film, tends to mostly explore horror and arthouse, including some rarities that haven't yet become commercially available on DVD.

Hysteria Lives!
Reviews that focus solely on the Slasher and Gialli subgenres of horror, within a particularly eye-catching layout.

Justine: A Japanese Euro Trash Website (Japanese)
Japanese language "Euro-Trash" website with lots of eyepopping colors and varied reviews and articles, all focusing on films and people from continental Europe.

Midnight Eye
A really great, professional website that focuses on Japanese cinema in general. Aside from the great reviews, articles, and interviews, the editors of the site have authored several very worthwhile books.

Mitternachtskino (German)
German language site that appreciates very similar aesthetics as Esotika, focusing on horror, art house, and experimental films.

Mondo Digital
For almost ten years Nathaniel Thompson has been churning out quality genre DVD reviews at his website. This was the first genre review website that I was ever attached to, and for that reason it holds a special place in my heart.

Not Coming to a Theater Near You
Review site that, in their own words "assumes a bias towards older, often unpopular, and sometimes unknown films that merit a second look." Not limiting themselve to any subgenre, a nice overarching place to get information.

Pink Screen: Cinema Erotique Japonais (French)
A remarkably extensive collection of Pinku film reviews (including 16 reviews of Hisayasu Sato films!) that I for won wish I could read!

Snowblood Apple
For six years Snowblood Apple has been one of the best resources for reviews of Asian Horror films (and occasionally action and pink films). Lots of pictures, and copious amount of plot description decorate each review.

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