Tracy and Jessica Will Not Be Attending
Bett Williams

Dear Michigan Womynís Festival,

I am a 55 year old wolf tribe member. I live most of spring summer fall up windsor trail in northern new mexico. I carry only my sleeping bag, pad, water bottle with filter, and live on what I can find there and kill, namely mushrooms and squirrel. I am caretaker of Jessica, a red wolf, a real wolf but deceased yet not released to Baba Yaga, a cis wolf or whatever, a wolf that died two years ago who has asked me to care for her in spirit world. Iím writing just to let it be said a series of events that occurred among wolf tribe members in twilight zone area last Michigan Womynís Fest. Patsy M who has led the survivor workshops on bloodletting and soul retrieval(sheís mentioned online,) well sheís gone off the deep end with her BPD and has made false accusations towards various wolf tribe members - that her ipod was stolen, that Eugene from Atlanta is blogging about her again (Not true, sheís blogging about Stereo, obviously), that Genie K sexually assaulted her in the food line with some food, that she was bullied into moving her tent out of the twilight zone after she insisted on proclaiming that she was the embodiment of Inanna during that inane ritual led by Shale M (a totally non-consentual self-naming in my opinion, led by Shale a total Pagan charlatan with no initiation via actual indigenous/pagan leaders.) You must have heard. Pat told me you already had a meeting about it so I will refrain from details. Bottom line, Jessica my transitioned wolf, is very sick from all of this. All I do in the morning is wake and troll the computer, drink coffee, I canít even write or get up to the mountains and hike like I used to. I wonít be attending the festival like it matters anyway. I know you have a lot going on with politics. I donít expect you to respond other than to keep me in your bundles and basically Iím only writing because Iím addicted to the internet and its false idea of community and agency.

- Tracy

Bett Williams is the author of Girl Walking Backwards (St Martins) and The Wrestling Party (Alyson Press). She has been mermaid struck by poets and now lives in the desert where she moves rocks around, continues to write and make amazing events happen under the stars.