Sanchari Sur

He comes to me in twos, a mirror reflecting a mirror. Except they are monozygotic twins, of different sexes.

A split personality Vishnu whose Mohini teased Shiva into submission, his dual forms seduce me.

We will make your body feel like a clit, they say. Let us in.

Their desire unhinges me.

I am just a regular person, I say. I like regular things.

Let me, they say.

They are incubus and succubus, leeches ready to suck me dry.

I can only love one of you, I reply. I can only be loved by one of you.

Let me, they say, as they begin to converge.

The differences in their voices high low, low high coalesce into one.

Choose me, they say.

I commiserate. I am just a regular person...

Choose me, it says.

I choose.

Sanchari Sur is a feminist/ anti-racist/ sex-positive/gender queer Canadian who was born in Calcutta, India. Her work has been published in Map Literary, Barely South Review, Jaggery, CURA, Women in Clothes (Penguin 2014) and elsewhere. A PhD candidate in English at Wilfrid Laurier University, she blogs at