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by Lital Khaikin

It is then as if the dark companion walks alone, forgetting the immanence of its communion nous that which is thought more than I.

Breaking apart the temporal nature of the narrative construction of "the quest," Outplace maps the unknowable terrain of the "outside." Exploring what has only ever been adequately hinted at in the writings of Blanchot, Bataille, Duras and Nol, Khaikin's invocations of this elsewhere speak to the reader not of somewhere else, but as somewhere else. A revolutionary impetus — this idea, this insistence that there can be something beyond — Khaikin's text, rooted apart from both any binary consideration of poetry and prose, narrative and abstraction, creates an insistence that the text is the core is the corps is the body of the work. The Work. A text that explores the impossible with a tenacity that very few other writers dare even consider, Outplace does not describe this "outside," but rather speaks from the heart of. If Beckett wrote monologues from the center of the void, Khaikin's work reveals the speech of the "outside," an ontological proposition that challenges the complicity of where it is that we all find ourselves stuck.

Excerpts from Outplace can be read at Tarpaulin Sky, Berfois, and sleepingfish.


About the Author:
Lital Khaikin's writing has appeared in 3:AM Magazine, Berfrois, Black Sun Lit, e-ratio, .PLINTH., sleepingfish, and Tarpaulin Sky, among other places. She is a contributing editor and writer for continent. journal. She may be found at LITAL KHAIKIN and @Lital_K.

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