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R[u/a]pture Zine
New printing, all issues to date once again available.

Issue 01 - Premiere Issue
The only issue of this zine thus far that is shaped like I intended to shape the series. Ideas, translations, commentary.

Issue 02/03 - Letterboxd Archive
I had my Letterboxd deleted and purged after growing frustrations with the site. I sifting through every piece of writing I had ever written for the website, and after deciding on the writing that I felt worthwhile to archive, I edited them in order to create an archive for posterity. This is that archive. Half-letter size, 52 pages.

Issue 04 - On James Fotopoulos' Interdimensional Travel Film Sequence
An introduction and long reviews/free-form musings of Fotopoulos's brilliant and mostly unseen sequence of four films. Arguably everything I have to say about cinema is hidden somewhere in this jumbled mess. If you are only going to read one thing on film I've written, perhaps it should be this.

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Medea Risograph Poster
Designed and Printed by M Kitchell for the 2016 screening of Frans Zartjes' Medea at The Lab in San Francisco, in tangent with Schtinter of I don't remember the edition size, but to the best of my knowledge these are the last two remaining. Will ship rolled in tubes, only available within the US.

$50 shipped within US.

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