Career overview of the enigmatic director Mario Mercier, novelist, painter, and most importantly, filmmaker.
-Original article by Frédérick Durand,
English translation by Mandy Hoff

Top ten world-wide DVD releases of 2007 as choosen by Esotika Erotica Psychotica.
-Mike Kitchell

An overview of the career of Alberto Cavallone, a remarkably under-recognized director who created a number of obscure films that perfectly typify the Esotika style.
-Roberto Curti

A look at the similarities between Jeff Wall's iconic photographic "The Destroyed Room" and Chantal Akerman's short film La Chambre, based on each work's establishment of a "performative space."
-Mike Kitchell

Or, A Primer to Watching European Genre Cinema. An introduction to the rewarding world of european "cult" cinema, and things to look out for that violate the general "rules" of film.
-Mike Kitchell